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We might get the first proper snow for 2018.

Just basic reminders…

  1. All 4x4’s need to have their permits NO later than 11am and depart immediately, their is NO time for coffee before you leave. Also, if you start the trail close to closing time, you cannot stop for pictures or get out and stretch your legs, as you need to reach the turning point before 13:00.
  2. Every person in each vehicle will be required to wear an identification bracelet. Not negotiable. Same apply for residential guests.
  3. Turn around time at top of mountain is NOT before 13:00 or shortly after the last vehicle reached the top. Time is NOT guaranteed, as break downs or struggling vehicles needs to be cleared of the road first.
  4. Adhere to Marshall’s advice at ALL times, remember, they are trained and qualified to do the job and your safety is their first priority.
  5. At the viewpoint it is important to adhere to Marshall’s instructions and signage… people have died up there, be cautious, don’t cross the line of warning signs, don’t run after any object that might be slipping towards the edge. Watch your children AND your dogs.
  6. Respect other road users.
  7. Gates will NOT open before 7am.
  8. 8. It can get really busy at reception especially when there is ground level snow, hikers can cause 4x4’s to miss the entry time to the trail… to avoid this, you have a JUMP THE Q OPTION… but only if you book in advance… send an e-mail to info@matroosberg.com, we will reply with a list of details we need to complete your permit, you will receive an invoice, do eft payment, send proof of payment to our office… on arrival, all you need to do is run on the fast lane, sign your indemnity, collect your Day pass bracelets and off you go. Bear in mind that having a pre-booked permit will not gain you entry to the trail after 11am… it’s not a VIP ticket, it’s only a fast lane.
    Don’t worry, your permit will stay valid until 31/12/18.
    You can decide to come during the next snowfall, for your permit stays valid.
    You can either pay for extra people in cash or we could refund for those who did not join you.
    You cannot book a Jump the Q permit on the same day as your arrival – this service is for advanced bookings only.
    During busy weekend, we will only be able to attend to e-mails after hours, so it might happen that you don’t get an immediate response!
  9. During snow storms, we are often left without electricity… this may result in unanswered phone calls. We run our e-mails from a generator, so best to make contact, would then be via e-mail to info@matroosberg.com or follow our Facebook page Matroosberg Reserve – and if there was no new recent update, it means that conditions are unchanged.
  10. We are really trying our best to accommodate all our loyal guests and wish you a pleasant time with us, but it might be that conditions out of our control or acts of God will force us to speed things up or slow them down. Whatever the case – remember, ALL staff are formally trained and have years of experience and we will NOT leave you in the mountain any longer than need be, or rush you down if there is a severe weather change. If you don’t see us, it means we are busy sorting out a problem on the trail in order to get you down safely.
  11. During power failures we will not be able to accept any card transactions, so it’s always wise to carry some cash… Snow always comes with a storm, with some extend of damage.
  12. All wheel drive vehicles are NOT suitable for this trail, as to definitely need low range and good ground clearance. Examples of vehicles that would not make it on the 4x4 trail: Q3, Q5, Q7, X3, X5, Subaru Forrester, Freelanders, Land Rover Evoque, Dusters, X-trail, VW Tiquan.
  13. Matroosberg could not be held responsible for any Acts of God and might have to make split second decisions, as your safety is our priority.
  14. We trust that you will encounter nothing of all the possibilities mentioned here and that you will have a safe journey and an unforgettable day.
  15. Remember to post your pics on our Facebook page and join the Play Matroosberg FB page, where we will give away free accommodation OR activities on a weekly basis… nothing beats the feeling of winning!!
  16. Reception has moved from the owners house to a new building on your left, shortly after the gate. Do NOT go to the house, you will have to fall back into the line.
  17. At all times respect nature, deflate your tyres to save our trail.
  18. All wheel drive vehicles, Q5 and other soft riders are NOT 4x4 vehicles.
  19. Your vehicle will need a low range and diff lock might help.
  20. NO 2-wheeler motorbikes will be able to get a permit to the 4x4 trail.
  21. Remember to bring your picnic lunch, might be a long day, Dry socks and shoes for kids, enough warm clothes, proper shoes for mountain and snow conditions, sunblock, camera, love and joy.

We are looking forward to share the Beauty of Nature with you!

Welcome to Matroosberg

The Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve is situated on the farm Erfdeel, which is a fully working farm, with interesting farm tours, but with that comes certain treatments to orchards that have to be done at night, but that is part of a working farm and  completely different experience…real Adventure Style.

God created this beautiful mountain and we must conserve it. But to keep it under lock and key would be pointless. Our mission is conservation through utilization. We want to give more people the opportunity to walk in nature and experience the creation.

Amarok Ad filmed on Matroosberg



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